Salutations! My name is Dina Klarisse and I’m an aspiring writer. I live in sleepy Pacifica just south of San Francisco and when I’m not stuck in traffic or working at my full-time office job, I love cooking and eating healthy and cheap vegetarian food, exploring the outdoors, reading just about anything, and crying over my manuscript. I’m a huge fan of not hurting my wallet or the Earth, so a big objective of mine besides word vomiting all over your nice computer screen is to show you suggestions on how to live and travel on a small budget while eating moderately healthy and staying environmentally conscious.

I started this blog to document my travels not just to physical places, but throughout my life as I orient my goals and values. This is a space where I can share my journeys not just to the majestic redwoods or through the sandy dunes, but also in health, sustainability, budgeting, and the grueling endeavor that is my manuscript. Have I mentioned I’m writing a manuscript? While I hope that these thoughts and musings reach an audience beyond my (extremely supportive) friends and family, it is also a public diary of sorts that will keep me accountable for the goals I have set for myself. So please keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle and enjoy the ride!

Dina Klarisse